Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I forgot my password, how do I get a new one?

A: You don’t have to! Click on "I forgot my password” on the Login page to enter your UserID or email address and we will send your password right to your inbox.

Q: What methods of payments do you accept?

A: Through our secured payment page, you can pay for your order using Visa, Mastercard and PayPal.

Q: Is it safe to order online?

A: Because we value your privacy, we use Secure Socket Later (SSL) encryption to protect the security of your credit card information. Notice a closed lock icon in the browser before the link of our website in your browser. This icon indicates that the information you enter on our server is secure and safe to proceed. It is equally as safe to purchase from our online store as it is to purchase in person.

Q: Do you ship outside of Canada?

A: Not yet, but we’re currently working on it! But we believe there’s a bright side to all issues… this is just a reason to book a vacation to Montreal so you can come visit us! :)

Q: What is your return policy?

A: Returns are applicable within 14 days of purchase. Read our Return Policy page to follow 5 straight-forward steps to returning your products successfully.

Q: How are your products packaged?

A: Our 1kg bags are packed in resealable, transparent bags, and a case is shipped in its original bulk box.

How Yupik's bags looks like

Q: How do I store my products?

A: Every product description page states how to store the product and its shelf life. As a general rule, to extend the shelf life of your nuts, place them in the freezer. As a general rule for dried fruits, extend their shelf life by placing them in the refrigerator.

Q: Are there any allergen concerns associated with your products?

A: Our facility packages products that also handle peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, soy, and milk products. Alternatively, please see our Certified Gluten-free category.

Q: Who is your organic certifier?

A: All of our organic products are certified by Ecocert. You can consult our certificate here.

Q: Who is your kosher certifier?

A: Many of our products are certified kosher by COR.

Q: I want to know the country of origin of a specific product, how can I get this information?

A: Every product page has a nutritional table where the country of origin is listed for that product.

How to find Yupik's products country of origin

Q: How do I use my coupon code?

A: It’s simple as 1-2-3 or 6! When you land on the checkout page and on Step 6, you will find a box with the word "Coupon” in it. Just enter your code and press "Apply Coupon”.

How to use Yupik discount coupon

Q: Where are you located?

A: We’ve been in the same area of Montreal since 2010! Come visit our boutique and hang out with us at 1385 Louvain West, Montreal, QC, H4N 1G6

Q: Can I pick-up an order from your store?

A: During check-out, you have the option to pick-up your order from our boutique in Montreal. Once the order is placed, there is a 24 hour delay before you can pick-up your order.


Q: Will my chocolate and/or candy products arrive safely during hot weather months?

A: Shipping to provinces outside of Quebec and Ontario during warmer months can be tricky! We try to take as many precautions as possible, including making sure your chocolate or candy is in tip-top shape once it leaves our facility. If needed, we will ship chocolate and candy products with ice packs that keep products cool for up to 24 hours. Though we try our best to help preserve your products in transit, we can’t take responsibility (no refund or replacement) for damages due to weather.

Our recommendations:

1) Ship your package to your office or to a location where you know they will meet air-conditioning. The last thing we want is for your products to spoil or melt sitting in the sun outside of your door.

2) Choose to upgrade your shipping method to help you better plan for your packages arrival.
Ex.: Xpresspost shipping to B.C. is 2 days
Xpresspost shipping to Ontario is 2 days
Xpresspost shipping to PEI is 3 days

*Conditions apply. Use this Canada Post resource to calculate the difference in shipping methods

3) If the first two options are not helpful, avoid candy that contains chocolate and/or gelatin since they have a tendency to melt quicker.

4) Check your local weather! If temperatures are soaring, you can put your order on hold for a while or risk the odds.