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Yupik Kasha Buckwheat may have "wheat” in its name, but it is not related to it in any way! Buckwheat is a seed that is classified as a cereal grain in food industries since it cooks like other common grains (like rice, buckwheat cooks in a 2:1 ratio). Nutty in flavor, buckwheat groats are tender in texture once cooked, and can be used in both sweet and savory applications. Buy buckwheat by the pound, kilo, or case to keep your cupboard well-stocked with this pantry must-have! 

HEALTH BENEFITS: The 411 on buckwheat!

Delicious Kasha Buckwheat is packed with nutritional goodness! Here are a few of the facts: 
- Product of Canada 
- Certified kosher
- Low-calorie
- Low-fat
- Cholesterol-free
- Excellent source of protein, fiber, and iron
- A good source of complex carbohydrates 

HOW TO USE BUCKWHEAT: As versatile as they come!

Buckwheat cooks in a classic 2:1 ratio; one cup of groats to 2 cups of water (or stock). From porridge to granola bars, and side dishes to salads, buckwheat can be used in the same cooking methods as most grains! One of our favorite warm buckwheat salads includes sautéed kale, butternut squash, toasted and chopped hazelnuts, topped with goat cheese and a simple olive oil and orange juice vinaigrette. Create your own warm or cold buckwheat salad with ingredients you enjoy! Toss buckwheat with beets, arugula, and top with seared tofu for a delicious and complete vegetarian meal. You can also use cooked buckwheat as a bed or side dish to protein, seafood, vegetables, and sauces (like tomato sauce and meatballs)! Classically, use your buckwheat to make hot cereal, and top with fresh fruits!

ABOUT BUCKWHEAT: Did you know?

Despite having "wheat” in its name, buckwheat is not related to wheat in any way. Buckwheat is a cereal grain related to rhubarb!

HOW TO STORE BUCKWHEAT: Preserve freshness!

Store in a cool, dry place for up to 24 months.