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Yupik’s Natural Almonds are whole nuts without the addition of oil, fat, salt, or sugar. Almonds are nutty and milk-like in flavor, and crunchy in texture; ideal for both baking and cooking applications! Buy Natural Almonds by the pound, kilo, or case to keep your cupboard well-stocked with this pantry essential! Conveniently pack portion controlled baggie’s to store your car, backpack, and desk with this healthy and delicious treat!

HEALTH BENEFITS: The 411 on almonds!

Almonds are packed with wholesome goodness that helps keep your heart healthy. Here are the facts:

- Low in calories, low in carbohydrates

- Good source of protein, fiber, iron, and calcium

- No sodium, no cholesterol

- High in monounsaturated fats, which help lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases

- Certified kosher


There is no end to almond-based recipes on the web, but recently we’ve discovered a new way to get our almond-fix outside of baked goods! Chopping a few almonds and adding them to sautéed or roasted vegetables; from spinach to bell peppers, almonds add crunch and protein to vegetarian meals in no time! We also love to toss a handful of chopped almonds to salads, couscous, rice, and pasta dishes!

ABOUT ALMONDS: Did you know?

Though widely known as nuts, almonds are actually seeds that grow on trees. Surprised? So were we! The almond tree bears fruit and within it is the almond!

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HOW TO STORE YOUR ALMONDS: Preserve freshness!

Store in a cool, dry place for up to 24 months.